About us

pin is a non-profit organizations that stands for increased participation, power-critical thinking, and structural and overall social change. Those active with and around pin are committed to being a part of the local network and their aim is to encourage social, political and economic participation. The pin team tries to respond flexibly and immediately to current needs and challenges.
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Through the use of the following measures, the aforementioned goals are to be achieved:
  • Promotion of communication on theoretical, practical and structural levels through rhetorical trainings, panel discussion and informational events
  • Thematization and visualisation of structural lacks as well as disadvantages and discrimination
  • Promotion of the participation of local actors through networking and the organization of members’ meetings as well as publicly accessible events
  • Preparation and provision of informative, pedagogical and scientific material
  • Trainings/workshops as well as awareness-raising and sensitization to discrimination and inequity


We understand participation to mean active co-determination and participation in decision-making processes. This includes the contribution of ideas as well as the participation in projects, events and dialogue. One of our objectives is to encourage the cooperation of individuals, associations, organizations and institutions. We thereby put focus on the attempt to continually speak to each other instead of for others.


For pin, integration, especially sustainable integration, stands for a dynamic, long-lasting and very differentiated process of growing together. This very process must be ensured by promoting the following foundational principles:
  • multidimensional communication
  • solidarity and self-reflection
  • “participate and let participate”
  • Power critical thinking


We take continuous and forward-looking participation and networking as essential parts of sustainable structural change in society as a whole. Building a network, cooperating with organisations as well as individuals is one of pin's main priorities. With our projects we aim to create long-lasting effects through progressive thinking and action. We are convinced that only through strengthened relationships and the inclusion of a variety of perspectives, can offerings be created for all and great impact be achieved.


Through your support, the implementation of our projects is enabled. Below you will find all the information on our ongoing projects. If you are interested in supporting us through voluntary contributions and cooperation, please contact us. Through donations the development and continuation of our projects are secured. We are always pleased to hear from you!


Join us! Become a voluntary co-worker or pin member!

Members have the possibility to participate in our work. At annual members’ meetings, you are more than welcome to contribute with ideas of your own and share your input. We will try to give special attention to discussions and to include opinions and suggestions of our members. Additionally, members will always be informed about ongoing, future as well as completed projects and events by receiving our Newsletter. We are pleased to hear from you, if you are interested in becoming a voluntary co-worker.


If you want to participate in one of our projects or pin's work in general and become a voluntary co-worker, we would be happy to include you. Just send us a message with your name, e-mail address, the timeframe, you are happy to invest and a note on the personal competences, you want to share. We are looking forward to meeting you and collaborating with you!


We are happy about your interest in becoming a member and contributing to pin. Please send us a message with your name and your e-mail address and simply transfer your contribution to our organisation’s bank account, using the reference “Membership”.
Minimum contribution: 25 Euro


pin is looking forward to many collaborations!

Building a network, cooperating with organisations as well as individuals and consulting and involving people is one of pin's main priorities.
Therefore we want to create this platform in order to include and display contacts and information about cooperation partners as well as interested organisations. Thus visitors to the pin website can instantly gather information on numerous and multifaceted projects and offers within the political, civil society and socio-cultural landscape, which prioritize participation and intersectionality.


Anna-Laura Schreilechner

Project coordinator and Co-Founder

Anna-Laura Schreilechner is responsible for the conception, organisation and implementation of pin's projects. She studies, researches and writes on Critical Whiteness Theories, Eurocentrism, Intersectionality and Discrimination & Digitalization. She works as a (workshop/training/lecture) facilitator and is currently in the 'Peace and Conflict Studies' MA program at the University of Innsbruck.
E-Mail: anna.schreilechner@pin.or.at

Mag.ª Lena Pieber

Chairperson and Co-Founder

Alongside the management of ongoing projects, Lena Pieber is entrusted with strategic and operative management of the organisation. Lena Pieber studied International Development and Gender Studies at the University of Vienna, with a focus on political theory, economics and postcolonial studies.
E-Mail: contact@pin.or.at

Staff Members